What we do
Below are all the areas we are experts in. Areas where we collaborate with our clients and help them build great products. Pick up the ones that fit you most
Specifications creation
Feasibility and architecture
Business analytics
Together with Business Analyst and Lead Developer, we define implementation approach, functional requirements, and detailed development plan, according to your budget, desired timeline and business goals
Interactive UI prototype
Graphic design
Our design team will design User Interface according to your vision and business goals and foresee all use cases including main user stories, negative use cases, empty states and wrong data
UI/UX design
SPA & PWA applications
Modern Javascript frameworks
Templates & UI kits
Responsive HTML/CSS
Deliver great User Experience with lightning fast and interactive frontend with modern JS frameworks like Vue and React
Advanced tools
Clean well-structured code
Modern frameworks
Team of professional PHP developers. Strong specialisation allows us to solve wide range of tasks from building simple CMS solutions to large ERP systems
API connections
API development
API integrations
Extend functionality of your web app with 3rd party integrations, sync work of different services or create your own API for mobile apps or another services
MVP development.
Faster than anywhere else
3 month
1 month
Don't have an extra $50k - $70k to test your business idea? It's a typical situation. A lot of companies will suggest spending this amount of money. But this approach is both bad and difficult. We can help you to do it for $10k or less. We believe, that all ideas can be done in a smarter, more efficient, and cost effective way. Like this:
6 month
9 month
Live & Maintenance
Extend functionality of your web app with 3rd party integrations, sync work of different services or create your own API for mobile apps or another services
Release preparation
We will prepare full functioning demo for your review and check before release
We will help you to prepare for release and provide you with on-going development services and maintenance for long term growth
On-going support
We will fix reported issues shortly and make sure the web app functioning smoothly. Our team is available after release and will help you to improve your website and extend the functionality
Release preparation
On-going support
We focus on high quality and attention to the details and you will be able to take advantage of additional services we provide
Speed optimisation
Optimization of HTML, CSS, JavaScript for Google Insights scoring. You will get faster loading and higher rankings in search indexes
Our QA department will develop test strategy and test cases, cover functionality with documentation and do test runs to keep high quality and smooth releases
In-built preventing common security vulnerabilities like cross site scripting XSS, cross site request forgery CSRF, SQL injection, authentication bypass
Speed optimisation
Мы предлагаем услуги комплексного ИТ-консалтинга, от оценки технической реализуемости ИТ-проекта до всесторонней поддержки в области создания, обслуживания и стратегического развития ИТ-инфраструктуры:
Аудит ИТ-инфраструктуры
Помощь в формировании ИТ-стратегии
Разработка и развитие архитектуры приложений
Аудит информационной безопасности
Управление требованиями к ПО
Подбор оптимальных технологий и платформ
Анализ и формализация бизнес-процессов
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